:ui treemacs

A project drawer like neotree but cooler

1. Description

Treemacs is a file and project explorer similar to NeoTree or vim’s NerdTree, but largely inspired by the Project Explorer in Eclipse. It shows the file system outlines of your projects in a simple tree layout allowing quick navigation and exploration, while also possessing basic file management utilities. It includes:

1.1. Maintainers

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1.2. Module flags

Enable LSP integration with lsp-treemacs. Adds shortcuts for common commands. Requires :tools lsp and a working langserver in the major mode you need it in.

2. Prerequisites

If +treemacs-git-mode is set to extended or deferred you will need to have python3 installed.

3. TODO Usage

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The project bar can be opened using SPC o p.

Keybind Description
o s Open a horizontal dired buffer on the currently highlighted node
o v Open a vertical dired buffer on the currently highlighted node

4. Configuration

The variable +treemacs-git-mode sets the type of git integration that treemacs has. There are 3 possible values:

  1. 'simple (the default), which highlights only files based on their git status, and is slightly faster,
  2. 'extended, which highlights both files and directories, but requires python,
  3. 'deferred, same as extended, but highlights asynchronously.

This must be set before treemacs has loaded.

5. TODO Troubleshooting

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6. TODO Appendix

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