:ui workspaces

Tab emulation, persistence & separate workspaces

1. Description

This module adds support for workspaces, powered by persp-mode, as well as a API for manipulating them.

1.2. Module flags

This module has no flags.

1.4. TODO Hacks

2. Prerequisites

This module has no external prerequisites.

3. Usage

There are many ways to use workspaces. I spawn a workspace per task. Say I’m working in the main workspace, when I realize there is a bug in another part of my project. I open a new workspace and deal with it in there. In the meantime, I need to check my email, so mu4e gets its own workspace.

Once I’ve completed the task, I close the workspace and return to main.

3.1. Isolated buffer-list

When persp-mode is active, doom-buffer-list becomes workspace-restricted. You can overcome this by using buffer-list.

3.2. Automatic workspaces

A workspace is automatically created (and switched to) when you:

  • Create a new frame (with make-frame; bound to M-N by default).
  • Switch to a project using projectile-switch-project.

3.3. Session persistence

By default, your session is autosaved when you quit Emacs (or disable persp-mode). You can load a previous session with M-x +workspace/load-session or :sl[oad] (ex command).

You can supply either a name to load a specific session to replace your current one.

3.4. Workspace persistence

If you’d like to save a specific workspace, use M-x +workspace/save, which can be loaded into the current session (as another workspace) with M-x +workspace/load.

3.5. Commands & Keybindings

Here is a list of available commands, their default keybindings (defined in the :config default module), and corresponding ex commands (if any – defined in the evil module):

Command key / ex command description
+workspace/new SPC TAB n Create a new, blank workspace
+workspace/display SPC TAB TAB Display open workspaces in the mode-line
+workspace/load SPC TAB l Load a saved workspace into the current session
+workspace/restore-last-session SPC TAB R Restore last session
+workspace/rename SPC TAB r Rename the current workspace
+workspace/save SPC TAB s Save the current workspace to a file
+workspace/switch-to SPC TAB . Switch to an open workspace
+workspace/other SPC TAB ` Switch to last workspace
+workspace/switch-left SPC TAB [ / [ w / gT Switch to previous workspace
+workspace/switch-right SPC TAB ] / ] w / gt Switch to next workspace
+workspace/delete SPC TAB d Delete the current workspace
+workspace/kill-session SPC TAB x / :sclear Clears the current session (kills all windows and buffers)

4. TODO Configuration

This module has no configuration documentation yet. Write some?

5. Troubleshooting

There are no known problems with this module. Report one?

6. Appendix

6.1. API

  • +workspace-list -> list<Struct>
  • +workspace-list-names -> list<string>
  • +workspace-buffer-list &optional PERSP -> bool
  • +workspace-p OBJ -> bool
  • +workspace-exists-p NAME -> bool
  • +workspace-get NAME &optional NOERROR -> Struct
  • +workspace-current &optional FRAME WINDOW -> Struct
  • +workspace-current-name -> string
  • +workspace-load NAME
  • +workspace-load-session NAME
  • +workspace-save NAME
  • +workspace-save-session NAME
  • +workspace-new NAME
  • +workspace-rename NAME NEW-NAME
  • +workspace-delete NAME &optional INHIBIT-KILL-P
  • +workspace-switch NAME &optional AUTO-CREATE-P
  • +workspace-protected-p NAME -> bool