:ui doom

Make Doom fabulous again

1. Description

This module gives Doom its signature look: powered by the doom-one theme (inspired by Atom’s One Dark theme) and solaire-mode.

  • A colorscheme inspired by Atom’s One Dark theme.
  • A custom folded-region indicator for hideshow.
  • “Thin bar” fringe bitmaps for git-gutter-fringe.
  • File-visiting buffers are slightly brighter (thanks to solaire-mode).

1.2. Module flags

This module has no flags.

1.4. Hacks

No hacks documented for this module.

2. Prerequisites

This module has no external prerequisites.

3. TODO Usage

This module has no usage documentation yet. Write some?

4. Configuration

4.1. Changing theme

Although this module uses the doom-one theme by default, doom-themes offers a number of alternatives:

  • doom-one: doom-themes’ flagship theme, inspired by Atom’s One Dark themes.
  • doom-vibrant: a more vibrant version of doom-one.
  • doom-molokai: based on Textmate’s monokai.
  • doom-nova: adapted from Nova.
  • doom-one-light: light version of doom-one.
  • doom-peacock: based on Peacock from daylerees’ themes.
  • doom-tomorrow-night: by Chris Kempson.

This can be changed by changing the doom-theme variable, e.g.

(setq doom-theme 'doom-molokai)

4.2. Changing fonts

core/core-ui.el has four relevant variables:

the default font to use in Doom Emacs.
the font to use when doom-big-font-mode is enabled.
the font to use when variable-pitch-mode is active (or where the variable-pitch face is used).
the font used to display unicode symbols. This is ignored if the :ui unicode module is enabled.
(setq doom-font (font-spec :family "Fira Mono" :size 12)
      doom-variable-pitch-font (font-spec :family "Fira Sans")
      doom-unicode-font (font-spec :family "DejaVu Sans Mono")
      doom-big-font (font-spec :family "Fira Mono" :size 19))

5. Troubleshooting

5.1. Strange font symbols

If you’re seeing strange unicode symbols, this is likely because you don’t have all-the-icons’s font icon installed. You can install them with M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts.

5.2. Ugly background colors in tty Emacs for daemon users

solaire-mode is an aesthetic plugin that makes non-file-visiting buffers darker than the rest of the Emacs’ frame (to visually differentiate temporary windows or sidebars from editing windows). This looks great in GUI Emacs, but can look questionable in the terminal.

It disables itself if you start tty Emacs with $ emacs -nw, but if you create a tty frame from a daemon (which solaire-mode cannot anticipate), you’ll get an ugly background instead.

If you only use Emacs in the terminal, your best bet is to disable the solaire-mode package.

6. TODO Appendix

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