:tools rgb

Creating color strings

1. Description

This module is deprecated. The module is too trivially small (it’s just one hydra, and :ui hydra is deprecated).

Highlights color hex values and names with the color itself, and provides tools to easily modify color values or formats.

1.1. Maintainers

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1.2. Module flags

This module has no flags.

1.4. Hacks

No hacks documented for this module.

2. Prerequisites

This module has no external prerequisites.

3. Usage

rainbow-mode provides automatic highlighting to hex color codes, and in relevant modes, color names (e.g. html color names in css-mode or LaTeX color names in latex-mode)

kurecolor provides commands to easily change the brightness, saturation, and hue of hex colors (and a useful hydra for this, if :ui hydra is enabled), as well as conversion between hex and css colors

4. Configuration

hl-line-mode overrides the color highlighting of rainbow-mode, limiting the use of that plugin and on-site color changes using kurecolor. To automatically disable it only when rainbow-mode is active, you can add the following hook:

;; add to $DOOMDIR/config.el
(add-hook! 'rainbow-mode-hook
  (hl-line-mode (if rainbow-mode -1 +1)))

5. Troubleshooting

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6. TODO Appendix

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