:os macos

Compatibility for our favorite walled garden

1. Description

This module provides extra functionality and support for macOS.

1.1. Maintainers

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1.2. Module flags

This module has no flags.

1.4. Hacks

No hacks documented for this module.

2. Usage

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2.1. “Open with X”

This module adds various macOS-specific launchers under the SPC o prefix (C-c o for users with Evil disabled).

It also enables Keychain integration for auth-source. This is used by our irc and magit-forge modules, for instance.

To support GitHub Forge add an internet password like this to your keychain:

Field Value
Name api.github.com
Kind Internet password
Account <username>forge
Where https://api.github.com/
Password <token>

3. TODO Configuration

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4. Troubleshooting

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5. TODO Appendix

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