:lang ruby

1.step {|i| p “Ruby is #{i.even? ? ‘love’ : ‘life’}”}

1. Description

This module add Ruby (and optional Ruby on Rails) support to Emacs.

  • Code completion (robe)
  • Syntax checking (flycheck)
  • Jump-to-definitions (robe)
  • Bundler
  • Rubocop integration (flycheck)

1.1. Maintainers

This module has no dedicated maintainers. Become a maintainer?

1.2. Module flags

Enable chruby integration.
Enable LSP support for ruby-mode. Requires :tools lsp and a langserver (supports solargraph).
Enable rails navigational commands, plus server+console integration.
Enable rbenv integration.
Enable RVM (Ruby Version Manager) integration.

1.4. Hacks

No hacks documented for this module.

2. Prerequisites

Many of this modules plugins require ruby with some version manager (rvm or rbenv) and the rubocop gem.

Installation guides:

Then run $ gem install rubocop

3. TODO Usage

This module’s usage documentation is incomplete. Complete it?

3.1. Commands

3.1.1. robe

command key / ex command description
robe-start SPC m \' Open ruby lang server for auto-completions and jump to definitions
robe-rails-refresh SPC m R Refresh the lang server.

3.1.2. projectile-rails

The projectile-rails prefix is SPC m r. Here is some examples:

command key / ex command description
projectile-rails-console SPC m r r Open Rails console
projectile-rails-server SPC m r R Open Rails server
projectile-rails-find-model SPC m r m Find any model of the project
projectile-rails-find-model SPC m r M Find the model related of currently open resource

3.1.3. bundler

The bundler prefix is SPC m b. Here is some examples:

command key / ex command description
bundle-install SPC m b i Runs bundle install
bundle-update SPC m b u Runs bundle update

3.1.4. rspec-mode

The rspec-mode prefix is SPC m t. Here is some examples:

command key / ex command description
rspec-verify SPC m t v Runs rspec on current file
rspec-verify-method SPC m t s Runs rspec for the item on cursor

4. TODO Configuration

This module has no configuration documentation yet. Write some?

5. Troubleshooting

There are no known problems with this module. Report one?

6. TODO Appendix

This module has no appendix yet. Write one?