:lang ess

emacs speaks statistics

1. Description

This module adds support for various statistics languages, including R, S-Plus, SAS, Julia and Stata.

1.1. Maintainers

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1.2. Module flags


1.4. Hacks

No hacks documented for this module.

2. Prerequisites

This module has several optional dependencies:

3. TODO Usage

This module has no usage documentation yet. Write some?

3.1. Keybindings

3.1.1. :map ess-doc-map

key command
h ess-display-help-on-object
p ess-R-dv-pprint
t ess-R-dv-ctable

3.1.2. :map ess-mode-map

key command
<s-return> ess-eval-line
<up> comint-next-input
<down> comint-previous-input :localleader
Keybind Command
:nv <localleader> , ess-eval-region-or-function-or-paragraph-and-step
:n <localleader> R
:n <localleader> <tab> ess-switch-to-inferior-or-script-buffer
:n <localleader> <backtab> ess-switch-process
:n <localleader> B ess-eval-buffer-and-go
:n <localleader> b ess-eval-buffer
:nv <localleader> d ess-eval-region-or-line-and-step
:n <localleader> D ess-eval-function-or-paragraph-and-step
:n <localleader> L ess-eval-line-and-go
:n <localleader> l ess-eval-line
:nv <localleader> R ess-eval-region-and-go
:nv <localleader> r ess-eval-region
:n <localleader> F ess-eval-function-and-go
:n <localleader> f ess-eval-function
:n <localleader> h ess-doc-map
:n <localleader> x ess-extra-map
:n <localleader> p ess-r-package-dev-map
:n <localleader> v ess-dev-map
:n <localleader> c C ess-eval-chunk-and-go
:n <localleader> c c ess-eval-chunk
:n <localleader> c d ess-eval-chunk-and-step
:n <localleader> c m ess-noweb-mark-chunk
:n <localleader> c p ess-noweb-previous-chunk
:n <localleader> c n ess-noweb-next-chunk

4. TODO Configuration

This module has no configuration documentation yet. Write some?

5. Troubleshooting

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6. TODO Appendix

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