:editor word-wrap

Soft wrapping with language-aware indent

1. Description

This module adds a minor-mode +word-wrap-mode, which intelligently wraps long lines in the buffer without modifying the buffer content.

1.1. Maintainers

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1.2. Module flags

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1.4. Hacks

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2. Prerequisites

This module has no external prerequisites.

3. Usage

Word wrapping is not enabled by default.

Wrapping can be toggled in the current buffer with M-x +word-wrap-mode. The default doom bindings bind this to SPC t w for evil users.

To enable wrapping in a specific mode, add it to the appropriate hook in your config.el:

;; enable word-wrap in C/C++/ObjC/Java
(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook #'+word-wrap-mode)

To customize the behaviour in a specific mode:

;; use a single indent in json-mode
(add-hook! 'json-mode-hook
  (setq-local +word-wrap-extra-indent 'single)
  (+word-wrap-mode +1))

To turn on word wrapping (almost) everywhere:

;; enable word-wrap (almost) everywhere
(+global-word-wrap-mode +1)

To disable global word-wrapping in a specific mode:

;; disable global word-wrap in emacs-lisp-mode
(add-to-list '+word-wrap-disabled-modes 'emacs-lisp-mode)

4. Configuration

Wrapped lines will be indented to match the preceding line. In code buffers, lines which are not inside a string or comment will have extra indentation as determined by +word-wrap-extra-indent. The default is to increase the indent by twice the major-mode indent.

The +word-wrap-extra-indent variable supports the following values:

  • double: indent by twice the major-mode indentation
  • single: indent by the major-mode indentation
  • a positive integer: indent by this fixed amount
  • a negative integer: dedent by this fixed amount
  • nil: no extra indent

This module also includes a global minor-mode +global-word-wrap-mode to automatically enable wrapping in most buffers. Wrapping will not be enabled in buffers whose major mode is marked “special”, or are listed in +word-wrap-disabled-modes.

The +word-wrap-text-modes variable lists modes which shouldn’t have any extra indentation, regardless of the +word-wrap-extra-indent setting. This is useful for modes which are primarily text, such as text-mode and markdown-mode.

The +word-wrap-visual-modes variable lists modes which should only enable visual-line-mode and not provide any prefix indentation. This is useful for modes like org-mode which handle prefix indentation themselves.

5. Troubleshooting

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6. TODO Appendix

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