:checkers grammar

Tasing grammar mistake every you make

1. Description

This module adds grammar checking to Emacs to aid your writing by combining lang-tool and writegood-mode.

1.1. Maintainers

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1.2. Module flags

This module has no flags.

1.4. Hacks

No hacks documented for this module.

2. Prerequisites

This module requires langtool (which requires Java 1.8+).

It can be acquired either from https://languagetool.org/ or your OS’s package manager:

  • macOS: brew install languagetool
  • Arch Linux: pacman -S languagetool

This module tries to guess the location of languagetool-commandline.jar. If you get a warning that Doom couldn't find languagetool-commandline.jar, you will need to set langtool-language-tool-jar to its location.

3. Usage

An in-depth list of features, how to use them, and their dependencies.

3.1. Language Tool

Language Tool is a polyglot proofreader service that checks for grammar and stylistic issues in your writing. This requires Java 1.8+.

This requires Java 1.8+

3.1.1. Commands

  • langtool-check
  • langtool-correct-buffer

3.2. writegood-mode

This minor mode highlights weasel words, duplication and passive voice.

4. TODO Configuration

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5. Troubleshooting

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6. TODO Appendix

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