:lang ocaml

An objective camel

1. Description

This module adds OCaml support to Doom Emacs, powered by tuareg-mode.

1.1. Maintainers

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1.2. Module flags

This module has no flags.

1.4. Hacks

  • set-ligatures! is called with the full tuareg prettify symbol list, this can cause columns to change as certain keywords are shortened (e.g. fun becomes λ.
  • tuareg-opam-update-env is called the first time tuareg is loaded

2. Prerequisites

This module has no hard dependencies, but it is recommanded that you install opam and the following opam (optional) packages:

$ opam install merlin utop ocp-indent dune ocamlformat

3. TODO Usage

This module’s usage documentation is incomplete. Complete it?

  • The following files should have syntax highlighting support: .ml{i,p,y,}, .eliom{i,}, jbuild, dune, opam
  • merlin-mode is activated whenever a .merlin file is found (including in a parent directory) and ocamlmerlin executable is present
  • Line-based auto-indentation is provided by ocp-indent, if it is available.

3.1. Commands

Command Key Description
merlin-type-enclosing <localleader> t display type under point
tuareg-find-alternate-file <localleader> a switch between .ml and .mli
merlin-locate g d lookup definition
merlin-occurences SPC c D lookup references
merlin-document K lookup documentation
merlin-imenu SPC s i symbol lookup in file
merlin-iedit-occurrences v R visual refactor identifier under point (multiple cursors)
utop SPC o r open utop as REPL
utop-eval-region SPC c e evaluate selected region in utop

4. TODO Configuration

This module’s configuration documentation is incomplete. Complete it?

  • If :completion company is enabled then autocomplete is provided by merlin.
  • When :checkers syntax is enabled then flycheck-ocaml is activated to do on-the-fly syntax/type checking via merlin, otherwise this is only done when the file is saved.
  • Spell checking is activated in comments if :checkers spell is active.
  • A REPL is provided if utop is installed and :tools eval is active.
  • If :editor format is enabled, the ocamlformat executable is available and there is an .ocamlformat file present then format-all-buffer is bound to ocamlformat, otherwise to ocp-indent.
  • If :editor multiple-cursors is enabled then identifiers can be refactored with v R and multiple cursors (this correctly matches identifier occurrences according to scope, it is not purely a textual match).

5. Troubleshooting

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6. TODO Appendix

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